Commit 89a86106 authored by Gerd Stolpmann's avatar Gerd Stolpmann

quoting issue in Makefile

parent 843b75c4
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ findlib.conf:
.PHONY: install-doc
mkdir -p "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man1" "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man3 $(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man5"
mkdir -p "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man1" "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man3" "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man5"
-cp doc/ref-man/ocamlfind.1 "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man1"
-cp doc/ref-man/META.5 doc/ref-man/site-lib.5 doc/ref-man/findlib.conf.5 "$(prefix)$(OCAMLFIND_MAN)/man5"
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