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documentation for printppx

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......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
or: <link linkend="ocamlfind.remove">ocamlfind remove [-help | other options] <replaceable>package_name</replaceable></link>
or: <link linkend="ocamlfind.list">ocamlfind lint <replaceable>META</replaceable></link>
or: <link linkend="ocamlfind.list">ocamlfind list [-describe]</link>
or: <link linkend="ocamlfind.printppx">ocamlfind printppx [-help | other options] <replaceable>package_name</replaceable> ...</link>
or: <link linkend="ocamlfind.printconf">ocamlfind printconf [ variable ]</link>
or: <link linkend="ocamlfind.pkgcmd">ocamlfind <replaceable>package</replaceable>/<replaceable>command</replaceable> <replaceable>arg</replaceable> ...</link>
......@@ -1212,6 +1213,48 @@ outputs the package descriptions, too.
<!-- ********************************************************************** -->
<title><anchor id="ocamlfind.printppx">
ocamlfind printppx
[ -predicates <replaceable>pred-name-list</replaceable> ]
[ -ppxopt <replaceable>package</replaceable>,<replaceable>arg</replaceable> ]
<replaceable>package</replaceable> ...
This command prints the ppx preprocessor options as they would
occur in an OCaml compiler invocation for the packages listed in
the command. The output includes one "-ppx" option for each
preprocessor. The possible options have the same meaning as for
"ocamlfind ocamlc". The option "-predicates" adds assumed
predicates and
"-ppxopt <replaceable>package</replaceable>,<replaceable>arg</replaceable>"
adds "<replaceable>arg</replaceable>" to the ppx invocation of
package <replaceable>package</replaceable>.
The output of "ocamlfind printppx" will contain quotes
"<literal>"</literal>" for ppx commands that contain
space-separated arguments. In this case <literal>$(ocamlfind
printppx ...)</literal> won't work as naively expected, because
many shells (including bash and dash) perform field splitting on
the result of command substitutions without honoring quotes.
<!-- ********************************************************************** -->
<title><anchor id="ocamlfind.lint">
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