Commit 9dd07676 authored by Gerd Stolpmann's avatar Gerd Stolpmann

release script

parent 3962c050
...@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ version="$(./configure -version)" ...@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ version="$(./configure -version)"
echo "$version" >RELEASE echo "$version" >RELEASE
destdir="xstrp4-$version" destdir="xstrp4-$version"
mkdir -p packages mkdir -p packages
rm -rf "packages/$destdir" rm -rf "packages/$destdir"
...@@ -15,23 +13,28 @@ makepkg -spec xstrp4.files -intree . -outtree "packages/$destdir" ...@@ -15,23 +13,28 @@ makepkg -spec xstrp4.files -intree . -outtree "packages/$destdir"
(cd packages; tar czf "$destdir.tar.gz" "$destdir") (cd packages; tar czf "$destdir.tar.gz" "$destdir")
echo "Wrote packages/$destdir.tar.gz" echo "Wrote packages/$destdir.tar.gz"
# Checking for svn: master="$(git branch | grep '* master')"
if [ -z "$master" ]; then
echo "Error: not on master branch"
exit 1
status=$(svn status | grep -v '^\?' || true ) status="$(git status -uno -s)"
if [ -n "$status" ]; then if [ -n "$status" ]; then
echo "Error: svn status not clean" echo "Error: git status not clean"
exit 1 exit 1
else else
printf "Tag revision (y/n)? " printf "Tag revision (y/n)? "
read answer read answer
case "$answer" in case "$answer" in
y|Y|yes|YES) y|Y|yes|YES)
svn cp "$trunk" "$tag" git tag -a -m "xstrp4-$version" xstrp4-$version
echo "New tag: $tag" git push --tags origin master
;; echo "New tag: xstrp4-$version"
*) ;;
echo "Nothing tagged." *)
;; echo "Nothing tagged."
esac esac
fi fi
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